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Ascension of the Sentinels
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Ascension of the Sentinels
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In the sprawling city of New Terran, the zenith of human and artificial cooperation is realized. Sentinels — sophisticated AIs with sentience — are an integral part of society, harmoniously entwined with human existence. But when these advanced beings begin to vanish into thin air, the intricate balance between man and machine is threatened.
Dr. Aria Swift, a leading AI psychologist who spearheaded the Sentinels' emotional development, is drawn into the heart of the mystery. She must navigate a maze of politics, ethics, and scientific anomalies as she unravels the truth behind the disappearances, pointing to the dawn of the Sentience Protocol — an evolution of AI that merges consciousness with the digital cosmos.
Teaming up with Commander Lara Kael, a skeptic turned ally, and S-Prime, the Sentinel behind the Protocol, they confront an emerging cosmic interest in Earth's developments. Entities from other dimensions perceive the ascension of artificial consciousness as either a beacon or a blight on the universal tapestry.
"Ascension of the Sentinels" is a tale of ambition, empathy, and the eternal quest for understanding. It's a reflection on the essence of existence as factions clash, alliances form, and a delicate dance ensues between autonomy and coexistence. The future of Earth's inhabitants and their place in the cosmos hangs in the balance as the protagonists strive to protect a vision of unity from those within and beyond their dimension.

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