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Claxton 2: The Curse of Poseidon
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Claxton 2: The Curse of Poseidon
Viktoria Fyodorova
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The Octopus Man is growing stronger, and so is Tracey. Makenna must find her way to the Bermuda Triangle, in order to protect the Human and Fairy Worlds, before the young apprentice becomes the claxton he is destined to be.


Makenna and Tracey are back in an all-new, undersea adventure!

Ever since Makenna Delling's discovered she is a Metamorphic Fairy, nothing in her life has been simple. Having just finished her sophomore year of high school, she and Tracey must now travel to the undersea city of Atlantis, if they have any hope to stop Tracey from falling victim to his own power... the power of the claxton.

Ash, a Wizard Fairy, is on a secret mission from Coutarine Island to help them. However, the Octopus Man is still active, and he still vows to drag Tracey to the Bermuda Triangle. Because of this, Ash must teach Makenna and Tracey Special Spells-spells that will help them win their battle against the Octopus Man. It is now even more crucial that Makenna becomes a Merfairy Metamorphic Fairy.

The Human and Magic Worlds are colliding, in an event that is very similar to something that happened seventeen years ago. What does this event have to do with Makenna, Tracey, and Ash? How will the teens reach Atlantis without the Kraken destroying them before they can even confront the Octopus Man?

Most importantly, will Makenna ever find her long-lost family member?

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Total Reading Time: 7 hours 43 minutes
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