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The Flyania City
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The Flyania City
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"The Flyania City"a modern city located on a isolated island. Under the management of the penguin mayor, the non-flying bird citizens lived happily and contentedly.

Several months ago, a pandemic called "Flyania" began to spread here, where patients hallucinated that they could fly and jumped from tall buildings to their deaths.

Herowl, a long-eared owl who worked as a night shift reporter, was dedicated to his job and admired the canary female anchor. He unexpectedly became involved in a series of events. He was determined to resolve the epidemic and save the "The Flyania City!"

No birds were harmed, injured, or killed during the creation of this story.

The characters, locations, events, dates, names, organizations, professions, departments, or any related elements in the story are purely fictional and have no relation to the real world. They do not reference any individuals, professions, organizations, departments, regions, or countries. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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