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Chasing My Mother's Sins.
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Chasing My Mother's Sins.
Decker Immanuel
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She was just eight years old when her entire world came crashing down. The night her own mother showed her true colors, revealed her true hand. The night that Verona was almost taken from her home, from her father, and would have met her momma and sister. That was five years ago, and while good has come, she can never allow herself to forget the darkness. Never let it go, never forgive, never forget, not allow one scar to heal on her body, now allow one person to go unpunished. Katherine Blackthorn took everything from her, and the only payment that could fix that mistake. Is one made of blood. After so long, Verona was starting to think that maybe she would never have the chance to get this debt repaid. Katherine hasn’t shown her face in nearly five years. 

“She is dead, she is dead now, and forevermore” That was what a small 13-year-old told herself for so long. A way to soothe her mind just a bit. To deal with the past, create a headcanon that is fact.

However, one day that canon was destroyed. 

After learning that Katherine Bloodthorn is still alive, and seems to be working in the criminal network of New York City. Verona hatches a plan to leave her home on Tarun’s Island. An island home to nearly 750,000 people that can tap into a special type of energy known as jepei. She joins her father Jonan Whisperwind, and his partner Joshua, in bringing in Katherine either alive or dead, as well as taking down the kingpin Hezekiah Wallace, who is more than meets the eye. She goes undercover to gain the trust of his daughter, a young girl who is being trained much how her mo- How Katherine used to train her. 

This was the moment that Verona had been waiting for her entire life. 

A chance to give her mother the ultimate punishment for her sins, repay it with death… yet talking about it was the easy part. Actually going through with it is the hard part. 

I hate her. 

I want to kill her. 

I will destroy her. 

I miss her….

I’m still scared of her.

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